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The Ear

From the three links below you should be able to label and describe the function of:
  • Outer ear: 
    • Pinna 
    • Auditory (ear) canal 
    • Tympanic membrane (a.k.a. the ear drum) 
  • Middle ear 
    • Malleus 
    • Incus 
    • Stapes 
  • Inner ear 
    • Cochlea (explain the role of tiny hairs) 
    • Semicircular canals

Watch: How the Ear Works (https://youtu.be/-bKy02f1pD4)

Watch: How the Body Works: The Organs of Balance (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbKU0AbbARg)

Read: Bones of the Middle Ear (http://bit.ly/2dZYb3Q)