What is OpenPSYC?

OpenPSYC is a free online resource for students in Introduction to Psychology courses. Use the links on the right to learn more about the site, visit a course module or search by keyword.

About OpenPSYC

OpenPSYC was designed for Introduction to Psychology courses at the University of Maryland and is free to all students and teachers as a creative commons resource.

The most recent guidelines for introductory courses from the American Psychological Association present five pillars of content in psychology that should be part of any introductory psychology course.  These pillars include:
  • Biological
  • Cognitive
  • Developmental
  • Social & Personality
  • Mental & Physical Health

OpenPSYC seeks to be a resource that presents the important content from each of these pillars while showing how each theme has been advanced by the scientific method.

The course is organized into twelve modules linked from the navigation bar on the right.  Each module contains outlined learning objectives and links to the internal and external resources that students will need to achieve those outcomes.  Finally, each identifies the learning objectives for the next class meeting and provides a linked study activity to help students reinforce and integrate course content.

After students have organized their notes and practiced demonstrating the completion of each objective they then open a pre-class worksheet and answer questions to self-assess their learning.  At Maryland their answers are submitted online to our campus ELMS system (Canvas), which automatically grades the worksheet and provides pre-programmed feedback on which objectives have been met and which require additional work and support.

If you have any questions, comments, revisions or suggestions please email OpenPSYC@gmail.com  (students: please use your course email address rather than this generic one).