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Attachment Theory

Attachment Theory

How does the relationship we have with our parents influence the relationships we have later in life as teenagers and adults? It turns out that we develop different types of attachment styles, and these are based both on genetic and environmental influences.

First, read an overview of attachment theory for a general sense of the concept:

Read: Attachment: Born or Made? (http://goo.gl/x1HDYs)

Next, watch a video that demonstrates how researchers measure the attachment style of a child:

Watch: The Strange Situation - Mary Ainsworth (http://youtu.be/QTsewNrHUHU)

Finally, watch the different reunions with secure, insecure, avoidant, and ambivalent attachments:

Watch: Secure, Insecure, Avoidant & Ambivalent Attachment in Mothers & Babies (https://youtu.be/DRejV6f-Y3c)