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Piaget's Theory

Jean Piaget

One of the most influential developmental psychologists was Jean Piaget (1896-1980), who studied the cognitive development of children and proposed a theory of several stages they go through.

First, read an overview of the four stages Piaget proposed:

Read: Piaget's Key Ideas

Next, watch a few videos on what children are like at each of Piaget’s stages of development. Be able to describe the methods used to test for object permanence, conservation, and egocentrism, and note how abstract thought is demonstrated through deductive reasoning.

Watch: Piaget - Stage 1 - Sensorimotor, Object Permanence (http://youtu.be/ue8y-JVhjS0)

Watch: Piaget - Stage 2 - Preoperational - Lack of Conservation (http://youtu.be/GLj0IZFLKvg)

Watch: Egocentrism (still in preoperational stage) (http://youtu.be/OinqFgsIbh0)

Watch: Piaget - Stage 3 - Concrete - Reversibility (http://youtu.be/gA04ew6Oi9M)

Watch: Piaget - Stage 4 - Formal - Deductive Reasoning (http://youtu.be/zjJdcXA1KH8)