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Psychology of Parenting


Parenting is a time of development for both the parent and the child. A parent develops while the child develops. This post discusses the parent's development as well as the age-old debate about whether or not to spank your child.

Parents' Development

The following is a section from Marissa Dienar's "The Developing Parent" (http://nobaproject.com/chapters/the-developing-parent)

Galinsky (1987) was one of the first to emphasize the development of parents themselves, how they respond to their children’s development, and how they grow as parents. Parenthood is an experience that transforms one’s identity as parents take on new roles. Children’s growth and development force parents to change their roles. They must develop new skills and abilities in response to children’s development. Galinsky identified six stages of parenthood that focus on different tasks and goals (see Table 2).

Table 2. Galinsky’s Stages of ParenthoodDiscipline and Parenting
Regardless of where the parent is in his or her own development, a child must still be taught. There have been many questions about how to influence your children. Probably the most debated topic is spanking. Read the following about research regarding spanking and discipline.

Read: Spanking and Discipline (http://goo.gl/8F6Rf7)